Thursday, September 30, 2010

PLACED- 5 year old spayed female available in Lower Mainland BC


Lola is an owner surrendered 5 year old spayed purebred CKC Registered toller. She came from a home in which the family situation has changed and a better home is wanted for their cherished pet. Lola has been trained the basic commands (sit, down, shake a paw), walks nicely on a leash, is polite and not pushy. Since she has come from a family in which all the members are deaf, voice commands are not something she readily responds to but rather hand signals. She doesn't come when she is called very well and never has, but we are working on training the COME command as well as reinforcing the basic commands too. Lola has been so easy to bring into our family pack of tollers as well as my co-workers dogs with no dog to dog issues. She recently mixed with about 30 tollers at our annual Toller Picnic with absolutely no concerns.

I was informed that Lola barks a lot while outside and in the house at night. However she has been in our yard with the dogs, in the house with the family, left alone in the home, goes to work with me and stays in a kennel, sleeps in a crate in the living room and I have yet to hear a bark come out of her! Lola has been raised with children and has no guarding issues. You can place your hands in her food bowl when she's eating and take toys away from her. She is easy to groom and can be brushed and bathed easily. She doesn't like to be grabbed at and ducks away or rolls on her back, tends to charge through doorways, is anxious in new situations, and is unsure of what she is to do with the family and clinic cats (chase, charge, or simply lie down and stare at them). But she is quickly picking up on the basic manners and doggy expectations in our home.

Please check out Lola’s album on our Webshots album I have brought her up to date on her vaccines, had a complete physical exam done on her, and started her on Sentinal for deworming and flea control as well as heartworm prevention. Lola is slightly over weight at this time so is on a diet and exercise program. Her Geriatric/Thyroid blood panel came back absolutely normal. If you know of anyone interested in meeting her they are more than welcome to come on over and meet Lola! If you would like to discuss adoption procedures, please contact myself or Karen Machin the Western Canada Rescue Coordinator of the NSDTR Club of Canada

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