Friday, August 27, 2010

Buyers Note

Please note, all prospective Toller families- these listings are a courtesy to Breeders and to you as a single point of contact to connect the two.

Listing details are published on an honor system and not verified by the list-keeper. Each NSDTR Club has its own Code of Ethics, as do the CKC and AKC organizations. Breeders may chose to follow these ethics or not, and as yet, these bodies do not regulate the Breeders or supervise them to ensure all are complying to the Codes. Compliance is voluntary.

Buyer Beware- ask your Breeder about the Code it follows, health clearances it performs on its breeding stock, and which clearances they don't do, and why.

Best of luck in finding the right dog for you.

KK is now placed with a family in Idaho

KK has found a forever home with a family who intends to train her to hunt :)

KK (Kanakay) is being retired to find her forever home and life as a companion pet. She is available for adoption to an adult home with no other dogs, cats or critters. Sweet, affectionate, and will play fetch for hours. Are you a runner? This little gal would be ready willing and able to go with you 24 x 7. She is a little sensitive so a low-stress home without kids or other animals is the only type of home that we want to consider.

Preference given to a home that will follow the raw diet and low vaccination protocol. The breeder is more than willing to provide you with assistance and lifetime support on these or any other issues that might develop throughout her lifetime.

KK is available at a reduced price, and ground transport within AB/BC or to Washington/Idaho can be arranged as can air travel. For further details, please contact Til at